New Tyres:

At Tyres2u-essex we supply a wide range of budget and branded tyres. From 10inch right up to 24inch we can supply the tyres for all your motoring needs be it performance or durability. Brands include: Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Goodyear and Bridgestone. Fitting is included in cost. Balancing and wheel alignment service also available.

Top Tyre Brands:

Three large international tyre groups – Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone – dominate the world tyre market. These companies are substantially larger than the other suppliers and serve both the original-equipment (OE) market and the replacement tyre market. The UK tyre market is slightly different, as five major brands share the main spoils. By turnover, Michelin is way ahead of nearest rival, Goodyear Dunlop. Next in the list is Pirelli, followed by Bridgestone and Continental.


Michelin is one of the world’s largest tyre makers. It also owns BF Goodrich and lesser known mid-range and economy brands such as Kleber and Riken. Michelin tyres are generally quite expensive to buy, but they usually do well for both wet grip and wear. Availability is usually good, and if we have not got your size in stock we can usually get them delivered on the next working day.


Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre makers, and its tyres are generally quite expensive compared with other makes. Availability is good, though, so you shouldn’t have problems locating the one you want. Goodyear also owns several mid-range and budget brands including Fulda, Kelly and Sava.


Bridgestone is one of the world’s largest tyre companies; it also owns the Firestone brand, plus a range of lesser known mid-range and economy brands. Bridgestone tyres tend to carry a premium price, but we are very competitive on pricing.


Dunlop which used to be Britain’s premier tyre maker, is now owned by Goodyear. Dunlop tyres are quite pricey, but available from us at the most competitive prices.


Pirelli is Italy’s premium tyre maker, and also owns economy tyre brands Ceat (recently renamed ) and Courier. Pirelli tyres are generally quite expensive, but availability is good. Pirelli is stocked by Grove Road Tyres and if not in stock we can get your size tyre delivered on the next working day.


Continental is one of Europe’s most prominent tyre makers. It also owns other reasonably well-known brands like Uniroyal and Semperit, plus a host of lesser-known mid-range and economy brands like Barum, Mabor and Viking. Continental tyres are relatively expensive to buy, but competitively priced at Tyres2u-essex