We have over 18 years experience in this field and are market leaders. Every tyre we supply has been graded and tested to government standards to make sure they are 100% safe and roadworthy.

Nowadays and especially in the current economic climate, more and more people are looking for a cheaper way to replace worn out tyres on their cars and with some high performance cars using bigger tyres as standard (some Porsches for example have a 305/30/19 tyre on the rear, the cost of a new tyre is over £350 each!), fitting Part Worn Tyres is a sensible alternative for all types of vehicles. Tyres are priced according to tread depth and our customers purchase part worns for anything from a mini to a van to a Porsche or Bentley.

Why buy Part-Worn Tyres?

Most people seem to think Part worn Tyres are just for people who can’t afford new but this is not the case – part worn tyres can have between 3 and 8mm of tread but are priced at a fraction of the new cost. For instance a new 175/65×14 will cost between £50 and £80 plus VAT. A part worn at Tyres2u-essex will cost between £12 and £20 including VAT and fitting. Better overall safety and value for money. All our tyres are triple checked by us – when they arrive in our stock and are Pressure Tested before they are made ready to sell and again when they are fitted – so you can be 100% sure they are fit for purpose.

Our nearly new tyres have a minimum tread depth of 7mm.

Under the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994, a part worn tyre must not have:

Cuts longer than 25mm – or 10% of the section width of the tyre – which are deep enough to reach the ply or cord
Lumps, bulges or tears caused by separation or failure of the tyre’s structure
Any penetration damage that has not been repaired
Any of the internal or external cord or ply exposed

Part-worn tyres must also be properly marked. They have to

Show all the original markings for their type and design, including speed ratings and load indexes
Feature the words ‘part worn’ in capital letters at least four millimetres high (this must be permanent, legible and not be made by cutting or branding)
Be inspected internally if they are to be sold on the rim.

Don’t buy part-worn tyres EXCEPT THROUGH REPUTABLE AND REGULATED RETAILERS such as ourselves.

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